Sunday, October 17, 2010

My answer is NO....what's yours???

A dacoit forcibly gains entry into your house, makes himself comfortable and stays with you for ten years. For some reason you are unable to throw him out during those ten years where in he tortures your family and you in all possible ways imaginable. Your hard earned money is snatched and taken away for his personal use and some of that money he sends back to his kith and kin (imagine his guts!!!). In short he grows at your expense over the years, in fact so much that he is seen as a very strong person in your neighborhood. He also intrudes on some of your neighbors and even adjoining neighborhoods and exploits everyone the same way.
However during these years, he gives everyone enough food to keep them alive and also showers favors on those who help him run his reign of terror.

After ten years with great difficulty you get rid of him.

Would you like to associate with him once he leaves?
Would you INVITE him back and honor and thank him once he visits?
Would you spend your hard earned money to make his visit luxurious?
Would you spend that money to commemorate his existence and celebrate the fact that he owned you once?

If your answer to any of the questions listed above is a NO, then
My question to you: Should we continue to be a part of the British commonwealth?
Do leave your  answer in comments section or just vote alongside the blog.

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