Tuesday, October 19, 2010

For Sale - INDIA

This must be the mother of all scams.
India is being sold bang in full public view. And all and sundry are busy putting their hands together lauding!!!

The government is going to  meet its target of divestment this fiscal by putting 10% of  Indian Oil stock for sale.
The target is Rupees 40,000 crores.
What will happen to this money?
Remember what happened to most of the 70,000 crores spent on commonwealth games???
Well i am willing to bet good money on the fact that this money too will be fairly & honestly divided amongst our leaders.

Coal India stake sale is already on. And if you recall many PSUs have already been sold in part.
So, what's  my point? '
Our leaders are selling the country's assets in bits and pieces. And it's not as if people like you and me are buying  crores of these shares. I hope somebody who loves India is buying them or else........!!!
Who owns these assets?
Us the people of this country.
Where should the money thus acquired be spent?
On India's development. Which sadly is NOT happening as it ought to.

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