Monday, October 11, 2010

Is there life after BDS/MDS? aka BDS/MDS- so what do we do now?

One of the most frequently asked questions I face from students/interns/graduates/dentists at large/audiences pertains to the future that awaits them once they leave the protected environs of a dental college.
 I am reminded of the famous dialogue in the JUNGLE BOOK movie wherein the vultures (styled after the famous FAB FOUR of the rock group beatles) sit on a tree and ask," WHAT DO WE DO NOW?" . 
 What is the correct answer? 
My most frequent answer is "different strokes for different folks!" Each has his/her own ambitions so we all take different routes hoping to reach our destination one day.
But what I am worried about is the situation staring at us in the face today. How does a dentist make a living out of dentistry? Many amongst us have left the herd altogether to pursue and master worlds hitherto unknown to the conventional dentist. We find dentists in BPO industry, dental product industry, corporate healthcare systems, clinical research industry to name but a few. 
Point is why don't we get trained in some or most of the above in the dental colleges? Or at least there ought to be career counselling once a graduate is about to leave. One finds it very amusing that the dentist is trained and thereafter left to her/his own devices to eke a living out of dentistry, or in proverbial terms we feed them to the sharks of the real world out there on the street. 
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  1. more number of colleges , less number of patients leads to a situation where dentists are passing out without much training. many dentist after passing out are not confident of doing routine procedures leading to a situation wherein they struggle to learn the same on their own for 3-4 years or change their stream.
    solution-less number of colleges with more intensive training.

  2. True. Another question which most of the young graduates have is about the various licensing exams abroad and how to go about it. The least dental colleges can do is to have a counselling center for the students.

  3. Absolutely true Yogender but easier said than done :-)

  4. Cooldent its a great idea. In fact dental colleges must have counselling concept in internship to let undergrads know about the REAL WORLD outside and to also equip them with the right tools to succeed.