Wednesday, October 13, 2010

ATM- AllTimeMoney or Automated Tension Machine???

Money makes the mare go! and how!
Gone are the days when one could go to a bank, wave at some known faces, fill a form, get a token, wait for it to be announced and then a human being aka the teller would hand over the moolah to us. Hopefully with a smile.
Alas, we have machines now, which have made our lives much easier and the interaction inanimate. Just punch the debit/credit card, pin number and voila!!! the money is right there.
........when my ATM debited my account twice but handed out the money only once.
The bank said wait for 24 hours, the machine will self correct and the money will be in your account. Well the wait was not fruitful. The second trip to the bank saw me filling up a complaint form. All i received was an assurance that the bank will check its records and IF my claim is genuine the money may be in my account in about 12 days. Yes TWELVE days! Technology helps me withdraw in 60 seconds and human intervention takes upwards of 12 days.
Looking for some empathy from fellow humans :(


  1. Have you considered writing a letter to the banking ombudsman?

  2. Yes I did but the bank assured me that the money would be credited back to my account in ten days. They did as promised :-)