Saturday, November 20, 2010

More jobs for dentists

Some more opportunities for dental graduates:

1. Two openings are available in the corporate world for dentists with a management degree or experience or both. 
2. Two general dentists required in Noida.

Please send your details to:

Watch this space for more.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Job Opportunities

Two general dentists required for a branded corporate hospital in NCR. Joining from 1st December.
Preference will be given to applicants who have attended L-E-A-D programs.
Send your CV to

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Why don't patients pay for the dentist's hard work???!!!

Last week my car was at the service station, hence the need to look for an auto to take me from my humble abode to my practice. The auto driver charged me Rs. 40 for the onward trip. On my way back in the evening, the auto driver I hired asked for Rs. 70 for the return trip home. Now the distance is the same to and fro, so why the extra money? Well I was told its beyond sunset so the charge. I felt a little uneasy and spoke to a couple of other autowallas. But no luck, it was the same story with all of them asking for Rs. 70. They were willing to lose me as a customer but were not willing to reduce a rupee!! I was very impressed by their collective survival mechanism.
That set me thinking.
In almost all spheres of our lives there is an uptrend in prices. But the average dentist is charging lesser and lesser, generally speaking. Except for a few pockets of old and established practices. The patients play one dentist against another which brings out the worst insecurities amongst the dentists and hence the downward spiral of charges. Nobody wants to lose a patient and hence is willing to forgo the rightful remuneration!!!
In my experience a patient comes to a healthcare provider with a mindset to pay, as everyone knows that services rendered will have to be paid for. However the interaction between the patient and the dentist and the experience that the patient has at that practice decides HOW MUCH he will pay the practice.
Let's consider the example of the multiplexes. Not very long ago we used to flock to single screen cinema halls to watch a movie. With the advent of the multiplexes not only are we willing to pay MORE for a movie we actually prefer going to a multiplex instead of going to a single screen cinema (because we have a choice).
To my mind the reason is THE EXPERIENCE. We pay more for the better experience at the multiplex. Something similar is happening to healthcare services.
 Look at the ambience inside an Apollo Hospital or a Max etc. Of course it goes without saying that the healthcare services provided have to be excellent too, however the patient expects nothing but the best not only in the healthcare services but also the other facilities which take his experience to another level and creates BRAND LOYALTY.
I think it is high time we took a serious look at the experience we provide our patients with! Not only will the patients pay us more but will also stay with us and refer others too.