Friday, October 31, 2014

iPhone 6 Plus v/s Galaxy Note 3

Are you looking to buy a new phone/device?
I have used these two phablets ( for the uninitiated, phone+tablet=phablet) and thought of sharing my experiences with you.

Hardcore iPhone fans will always support 6 Plus and ditto for the Note 3 fans and my opinion is subjective too. Please do your own due diligence before spending money.

The hard facts

                                               iPhone 6 Plus                                   Galaxy Note 3

Screen size:                                 5.5 in                                                  5.7 in
Height/Width/Depth             6.2in/3.06in/0.28in                           5.95in/3.12in/0.33in
Weight                                        172gms                                              168gms
Screen resolution             1920x1080 pixel- 401ppi                  1920x1080 pixel- 388ppi
Processor                                    A8-64 bit                                     1.9GHz Quad-Core
Operating system                          iOS 8                                 Android 4.3 upgradable to 4.4
Rear camera                                   8MP                                                 13MP
Front camera                                1.2 MP                                                 2MP
RAM                                              1GB                                                    3GB
Internal memory                     16/64/128GB              32GB with option to expand via card unto 64 Gb
Connectivity                               4G LTE                                               2G/3G
Battery capacity                       Not declared                                        3200mAh
Price                                   INR 62500 for 16GB                       INR 38000 for 32 GB

iPhone 6 Plus
1. Premium build quality
2. Superior multimedia experience
3. Much better battery life than previous iPhones (easily lasts through the day with moderate use)
4. Thinner than Note 3
5. iOS 8 

1. Cost
2. No multi window feature
3. Less features as compared to Note 3

Galaxy Note 3

1. Larger screen size
2. Great battery life
3. Removable battery (heavy users can carry an extra battery along)
4. S-pen- a very versatile and productive tool (personally this is the reason I prefer Note 3 to 6 Plus)
5. Cost

1. Plasticky look
2. Picture quality not as good as 6 Plus

Final verdict

If you are an active social media person and looking for a multimedia phone go for the iPhone 6 Plus
but if you are looking for productivity and business tools functionality then Note 3 will be a better choice.

IMHO Note 3 gives better value for money. And although it is more of plastic it is quite sturdy. My Note 3 hit the floor at a very high velocity but survived with only minor damage!

In case you are wondering why Note 4 is not mentioned here its because I don't have it yet :-)

If you have a different opinion please drop a comment below.