Monday, September 27, 2010

CWG- the truth lies beneath! (tongue firmly in cheek)

Well, everyone is talking about the commonwealth games, for better or for worse. I think most of the people including the best of investigative journalists have missed the point altogether. Our leaders have done what the greatest of patriots could not! Pray, what is that? WE ARE GETTING BACK AT THE EMPIRE!!!
It all began about 250 years back (give or take some) when the East India Company landed on our shores and the rest as they say is history. We were enslaved, exploited, abused, stolen from but the blot has been lightened to some extent with the organizing of the commonwealth games in New Delhi by the brightest brains India has.
Friends, the messing up is deliberate. Yes, Yes and Yes. We have done no other subject country of the commonwealth could! Why in God's name must we provide great luxuries to our erstwhile rulers? The dog on the bed, excreta in the washrooms, spit on the floors and walls, snake in the room has been a painstaking effort of our leaders.
The whites must NEVER EVER think of even looking back at us, forget visiting us. We are going to teach them a lesson they won't forget in a hurry.
And look at us thankless populace of the country. Instead of applauding our leaders' efforts and singing paeans we are blaming them. What a shame!

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