Sunday, April 4, 2010

Treatment plan acceptance

Dental implants, root canal treatment, ceramic crowns are the options that dentists find patients dilly dallying on! Why is it so? Is it because these are high value case plans? But we find people spending lacs of rupees on acquiring a desirable mobile number or a car number plate! So its not that patients do not have the funds to afford the treatment plans offered by dentists.
Then what is that missing link?
I think the answer lies beyond the usual training that is imparted to a graduate or even a post graduate in the dental colleges.
It has a lot to do with communication skills, marketing skills and learning to be a skilled sales person!
Yes I did mention the word 'SALES PERSON'. Dentists are selling a service and the sooner we accept this the better for everybody.
I read someplace long ago that everybody lives by selling something. Selling is not a four letter word! But we need to get trained in that art.

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